Elbi brings innovation to charity and philanthropy. We remove the barriers to charitable giving by making it simple, fun and rewarding for people to make a difference, while giving great causes much needed visibility and support. By connecting digital do-gooders with charities through the Elbi platform we’ve so far helped 854 causes, run by 37 charities, in 88 countries across 5 continents.

The beauty is in the simplicity. Every day the Elbi community participate in 3 daily causes and do their bit to help. It’s as straightforward as sending a picture to help teach a class, sharing a fun fact to raise awareness, or taking a selfie to brighten someone’s day in hospital.

Every time a user creates content in support of a campaign, they earn points. If they love someone else’s creation or the campaign, that’s a $1 micro-donation to the charity. If their creation is loved, they earn points. These points equate to LoveCoins which users can spend in the LoveShop to buy products from our brand partners.

This is philanthropy for a mobile, digital age.