Elbi is an innovative platform that revolutionises charitable giving by bringing together people, brands and charities to make philanthropy easy and rewarding.


Elbi makes it easy, fun and rewarding to discover and support charity causes. We feature a daily video from global charity partners to help users find a cause close to their heart. It’s easy and quick to love your favourite videos with a $1 donation, we’ve integrated Apple and Android pay to make it secure and simple. You can also help raise awareness for the cause by creating your own video and sharing it with your network.

Every donation earns a LoveCoin which can be saved and spent on hand picked, exclusive products in the LoveShop. The story doesn’t end there, our charity partners give updates on how your donations have helped them achieve their goals.

Our startup was co-founded by supermodel and philanthropist Natalia Vodianova and digital guru Timon Afinsky. As a social enterprise, we work with over fifty charities to bring philanthropy to the mobile generation in a simple and innovative way.