The LoveShop opens doors to luxury toothbrush brand Apriori


This exciting collaboration means that Elbi users can now choose from Apriori’s six special toothbrushes: a white ceramic edition; a black ceramic edition, and a carbon edition, in either gold and silver. The toothbrushes will all be available over the course of the next 12 months in the LoveShop.

On Monday the 19th of November, we are launching this partnership with the amazing Carbon Edition/Gold Apriori toothbrush.


Perfectly Engineered

Each toothbrush comes with its own elegantly designed toothbrush holder, and two spare heads, one medium, and one soft, ensuring you can choose exactly the right one for you. Made of the same material as your toothbrush handle, the holder is the perfect accessory – and its anti-slip rubber base ensures it stays it place. If you're travelling, the unified aesthetic of our products comes into its own – an exceptionally designed travel case enables you to take your Apriori product with you wherever you are in the world. Apriori’s dental care range is the result of three years of rigorous research; a painstaking process that involved teams of experts who created and refined our designs, searched high and low for very best materials and then developed our products to the highest standards.


Luxury and Ethical

Apriori's founder Kiril Guriev said: “We are delighted to be partnering with Elbi, whose innovative approach to philanthropy we are huge admirers of. This is a fantastic opportunity for us to join forces with a company that puts purpose at the heart of everything they do 💪, whilst raising money for good causes💜.
“We are not simply another luxury goods company, but a firm that can also reach out, use its influence, and make a difference in the world.”🙌
Apriori is going one step further when it comes to good causes. A future partnership with the Fairtrade Foundation will see Apriori source Fairtrade Gold (for the first time), with a limited edition, gold-bearing Apriori toothbrush, which will be available very soon exclusively to Elbi🥇.