From the 19th- 20th September 2019

Chloé's Creative Director, Natacha Ramsay-Levi has just taken their signature Tess style to even greater heights by designing this small but perfectly formed shoulder bag. The Chloé team has kindly offered us as a fantastic reward for the person who donates the most in Elbi during this Drop.

Starting with the iconic oversized ring that fans have come to know and love - Chloé brings urban sophistication to every detail of this covetable version of the Tess bag.

The sublime craftsmanship of the legendary Parisian fashion house is to be found in every element of this bag - from the contemporary textured patent finish of the leather to the elegantly curved saddle silhouette. There is both a wide shoulder strap and a slim top handle so the bag can be worn in a number of different ways.

Wear it cross-body with some of this season’s on-trend tweeds and checks and you are good to go!!


The challenge in ElbiDrop is to donate to earn the most LoveCoins before the time limit on the Drop runs out. If you are at the top of the leaderboard when the Drop finishes, you will win the item!

Remember in the app, Elbi rewards all donations. Every time you donate, you receive LoveCoins to equally match it. LoveCoins can be spent in the LoveShop meaning even if you don't win, you can still walk away with something amazing to thank you for your support.

Join us, do good and who knows, if you are the one to donate the most over this ElbiDrop, this bag will be yours🙏🙌👏! #goodisthenewcool . 💜

How to win ElbiDrop!

The challenge in ElbiDrop is to earn the most LoveCoins until the end of the Drop.

Here are three tips:

1. Donate to all campaigns


2. Search for video reactions under campaigns and click the LoveButton


3. Create your own video reaction and share it with your friends on social media


The more LoveCoins you earn the higher up you will go on the leaderboard


Remember Elbi passes on 100% of donations.



ElbiDrop introduces "gamification" to philanthropy, applying game-design and competition to encourage donations. ElbiDrop lets you win "exclusive" items from iconic brands, from Louis Vuitton, Off White, Supreme, Fendi, Balmain and more. The person who collects the most Elbi LoveCoins over the period of the Drop, wins the reward!

Earn a Coin from every donation you make - on a charity video campaign, on other people’s “reactions”, and by creating “reaction” videos yourself to inspire others to donate.

The challenge in ElbiDrop is to browse the app to find new video campaigns and reactions to watch and support, and to make reaction videos of your own. A push message starts the ElbiDrop. A Leaderboard ranks those with the most LoveCoins. When the stopwatch runs out, the person on top of the leaderboard will be able to purchase the item with their LoveCoins.

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