Elbi's Ethical Policy

Position statement

Elbi is an innovative platform that revolutionises charitable giving by bringing together people, brands and charities to make philanthropy easy and rewarding.

The Elbi app features a daily video from global charity partners to help you find a cause close to your heart. “Love” your favourite videos with a $1 donation - mobile payment via Apple Pay makes it secure and simple. Every donation earns a LoveCoin which can be spent on hand-picked, exclusive products in the LoveShop.

Elbi seeks to work with a range of organisations across the world working across a range of issues. Collaborations may include sponsorship agreements, joint ventures, commissions, consultancy and partnership working. All income-generating activities are conducted in direct pursuit of Elbi’s mission statement and values. Income generation is essential to supplement the money we raise from our own fundraising campaigns and to allow us to continue with our range of activities.

We wish to develop and maintain mutually beneficial relationships with commercial and other like minded organisations without compromising the independence of Elbi. We believe in the ethical values of honesty, openness, social responsibility and caring for others.

The 3 Goals at the heart of our Ethical Policy

1.     Supporting The Global Goals - We support the principles of the Global Goals and help guide our decision making and investments.

2.     Acting with honesty and transparency - We ensure we’re honest and transparent in how we do business and engage externally.

3.     Treating our staff and partners with dignity and respect - We believe in caring for our staff and those we work with and will guide our engagement and how we work.

Guiding principles

·      Maintenance of independence

·      Elbi is very careful when working with other organisations that its independent status is not compromised in any way. If there is a possibility that this may be placed in jeopardy we will withdraw from any such initiative.

·      Mutual respect

·      Elbi’s collaborations are intended to generate awareness, as well as income. It is important that both parties respect the expertise and skills that the other brings – over and above any financial benefits.

·      Integrity and transparency

·      Elbi aims to be transparent in its relationships with other organisations. There must be strong grounds for believing a formal collaboration will result in benefits to Elbi and the causes it supports. It should always be made explicit what each party is bringing and gaining from a formal relationship. Elbi will also be transparent about who it is working with and the nature of the relationship and work.

Conflicts of interest

Elbi’s mission and values help to establish which collaborations are appropriate. Successful collaboration requires mutual respect and transparency of benefits. When establishing a new collaboration, both parties should endeavour to ensure that there are no conflicts of interest that cannot be safely managed.

To help ensure potential conflicts of interest are identified and managed appropriately:

·      Sponsors will have no direct control over analysis, conclusions, positions or recommendations by Elbi. In the case of partnership projects or joint ventures, the rules of engagement for establishing outcomes must be agreed beforehand and should be transparent.

·      Elbi will be open about other collaborations with organisations working in the same areas or sectors and expects the same approach from its partners.

·      Elbi will not allow direct access to its users and contacts by third parties (other than those generated directly by collaboration or campaign).


In ELBI we aim to create desirable products that helps incentivise giving to our charitable causes and that reward people's everyday philanthropy. All the products we use in our shop and our ElbiDrop feature are very kindly donated to us by our very special partners. We work hard with our partners to make sure that the products donated meet our values as an organisation. We also care passionately about raising money for our causes across the world and we will continue to source desirable products and turn the donations into change all over the world across a range of issues.

Decision Making

All partnerships and investments will be approved by The Founders and Senior Leadership Team of Elbi. We will meet regularly to discuss upcoming collaborations and use this policy as our guiding principle.

Last updated - 12/2018