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"The supermodel and philanthropist who also co-created a donation aggregator app that acts as a platform for global philanthropy."

— Noelle Faulkner, Vogue Australia, March 2018

"The platform is designed to make it super easy to donate to charitable causes through “micro-donations” of just $1."

— Olivia Bahou, InStyle, Feb 2018

"The idea is to use the 'love' button to donate money, however little; and to make available a way to give to charities, many involving women, such as one which tackles the stigma attached to periods in underdeveloped areas of India, where there is not even access to sanitary towels."

— Suzy Menkes, Vogue UK, Feb 2018 (Elbi mention)

Since launch in January 2018, the Elbi app has been Apple's "App Of The Day" in 68 countries, including the USA, Canada, India, France, Spain, Australia


"With the Love Button and Apple Pay, it takes just a tap to finally experience philanthropy in an easy and rewarding way, and users can make a direct impact with their donations since 100% of proceeds benefit the charity organizations."

— PR News Wire, Jan 2018

"Natalia Vodianova’s app Elbi is making it even chicer to give back."

— Olivia Bahou, Instyle, Feb 2018

"Here is the one app you should all be downloading this year: Elbi"

— Sharon Mundia, Capital FM Kenya, March 2018

“You can make a donation of $1 to a really significant cause, and it makes you feel good everyday. I feel like I’m not just treating myself well but I’m treating the world well too.” (podcast)

— Anastasia Sartan: Founder of Epytom, spirit of 608, Feb 2018

"Elbi was created by model Natalia Vodianova (pictured) to allow users to “love” charities and causes. In return for micro donations, users receive "LoveCoins" that can be redeemed for items including Beats by Dre products."

— Dennis Sellers, AppleWorld.Today Jan 2018

Natalia Vodianova Interviewed on Good Day New York

— GoodDay New York, September 2017

"Apple Pay is now an accepted form of payment for donations made through Elbi. The philanthropic app created by model Natalia Vodianova lets users “love” charities and causes which prompts micro donations."

— Zac Hall, 9to5mac, Jan 2018

"We are proud to support Natalia Vodianova and her new venture, Elbi, featuring KnotOnMyPlanet for the Elephant Crisis fund!"

— Elephant Crisis Fund, Feb 2018

..."send money to philanthropic organizations in exchange for cryptocurrency called the LoveCoin."


Natalia Vodianova interviewed by Tim Blanks (Video)

— Business of Fashion, Feb 2018

"Elbi converts social engagement into $1 USD donations that can be used to purchase specialty items in the app’s LoveShop. For every action on the platform, LoveCoins are earned and this allows for the messages of charities and causes to spread in a viral fashion."

— Esiwahomi Ozemebhoya, HypeBae, Jan 2018

Natalia Vodianova interviewed on Sky News (video)

— SkyNews, Jun 2017

"Natalia Vodianova explains how she has converted the time people spend adding “likes” to her social media posts into good deeds with her app, Elbi"

— Vanity Fair, May 2017

"Each “love” makes a $1 donation to the cause and generates a LoveCoin that you can spend in the Love Shop, a magical place where brands like David Yurman, Gabriela Hearst, Fendi and Berluti have donated the best of their products."

— Natalia Vodianova, FT Weekend Gift Guide, 2016

 "Elbi—a riff on the acronym LB, for "love button." Vodianova wants to turn "likes" into fuel to help cure cancer, end world hunger, promote education—anything that will make the world a better, more loving place."

— Shay Maunz, Glamour, 2016

"Elbi uses the principles behind social sharing to promote microdonations to various causes."

— Martha C. White, The New York Times, 2016

Natalia Vodianova Interviewed at TechCrunch Disrupt (video)

— TechCrunch Disrupt, 2016