Today Elbi is delighted to launch our new partnership with The Life You Can Save. In recognition of that, we are profiling organisations in our app who are approved and vetted by The Life You Can Save.

Life you Can Save.jpg

What does that mean and who is The Life You Can Save?

The Life You Can Save (TLYCS) was founded by Peter Singer to promote high impact philanthropy—giving that is informed, intentional, and impactful. TLYCS makes it easy to find well-researched charities that provide you—the donor—tremendous "bang for your buck" in improving the lives of those living in extreme poverty. They also provide concise information to enhance your knowledge about the organisations you support and about effective giving.

We are profiling some amazing organisations including The Fred Hollow’s FoundationGive DirectlyEvidence Action and the Fistula Foundation on the platform for the next month. We always try and work with an organisation who not only want to do good but also care about impact and evidence and feeding back to those who have generously given. 

So please, give what you can. To celebrate this partnership, we will also be launching some very special Elbi Drop’s to help reward your generous donations. 

So watch this space and remember to do good, feel good and look good.