Elbi, WE and Prisma all team up for International Women’s Day 2019

This International Women's Day we have teamed up with 2 special partners to raise money for incredible woman around the world. The first is Prisma, which is a photo-editing application that transforms images into an artistic effect. The 2nd is our charity partner WE which is a youth movement and supports communities in 9 countries around the world. 

Meet Rose.


Rose is a single mother raising her children in rural Kenya. WE have been supporting her efforts to build a better life for her and her family. For example she as learned financial literacy skills that have helped her start a small shop. She also joined a beading group where she creates beautiful necklaces and bracelets helping her earn income for her family. She works all day until her sons Roger and Boniface come back from school. This is her favourite moment of the day because she gets to play football with her boys and they have so much fun. One day Rose realised that all the other women in hear beading group deserved to experience this fun too and so she suggested they start a league. They practice every day and have a weekly match. Rose has practised hard enough to join the local competitive football club. Boniface and Roger know how hard their mum works and the sacrifices she has made. They are also very proud of her incredible progress in the sport she loves so much. Before going to sleep, Rose dreams of football.

Please support her and others like her on Elbi today and through the Prisma App. Happy International Women’s Day.