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1 , 2 , 3 - PERIOD! Our Elbi Co-Founder wows WE DAY to take Let’s Talk to new arena’s

Elbi’s Co-Founder Natalia Vodianova took to the stage yesterday in front of a packed Wembley Arena to celebrate WE Day 2019. The day celebrates the movement of young people around the world who are committed to making their communities better for everyone. Young people earn their place to be there and they certainly brought the energy and commitment to the course. Elbi are proud partners of WE charity and support their work around the world through the Elbi platforms.

Girls in some countries are forced out of their homes during their “period,”. Even here in the UK, some girls are still ashamed to ask for a pad - that shame can control you. It creates an extra barrier for girls affecting their lives and holding them back. It even concerns boys too, even if they may not realise it.

Almost half of all girls in India leave school after sixth grade because they’re ashamed to go to school once they get their periods.

Natalia challenged the crowd to try and think about stigma and taboo differently and for all the boys and girls in the audience to own the word period. Around the world, periods are made fun of and given disrespectful names. This is precisely how stigmas and taboos start - by feeling ashamed to call it by its real name. Natalia challenged the audience to stop whispering because when we whisper, we encourage the stigma. 
Instead, We must break the stigma and end the shame and start over and do things differently. Let’s talk about our bodies and our periods with pride. This is about equality and dignity for all.

WE day - we salute you! Until next year.